Friday, 16 November 2012

Gone creating
Well again i have left it a while to update my blog i really must get myself together so much has been going on though i have been working hard to get my facebook page working better for me and at the same time have had lots of card orders to make and lots of shifts at work so its busy busy busy
When i started out on the craft fair journey we was invited to do a permenant fair at a venue by someone which accually fell through rather dramaticaaly after the first day of opening we were all let down rather badly but 3 of us rallied together and decided we would organise our own christmas craft event so after a lot of planning and hard work organising booking stalls advertising printing posters etc our first event will be held next saturday in our local town it's an exciting as well as nervous venture you work so hard to organise it now it's fingers crossed that it is a success i hope so it will also decide if we go ahead and organise future events
watch this space
Happy crafting :-D

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

kerry's card kreations: Oooooops

kerry's card kreations: Oooooops: Well i cannot beleive i have left it this long again to update my blog cripps where do i start ? well my venture into the world of craft fai...


Well i cannot beleive i have left it this long again to update my blog cripps where do i start ? well my venture into the world of craft fairs and the whole crafting network has been great i have met and made some wonderful friends along the way learnt a massive amount from other more experienced people had a good time and made some money lol not all fairs have been a rouring success and i realise crafts are not the place at fun days still you live and learn and i will know for next year simon and I have travel most of somerset on the craft fair roller coaster now i think he has even enjoyed attending a few with me lol only just maybe i dont accually think he has sold anything yet though hehehehe
 so since i have not been on here i was diagnosed with depression and didnt do much at all i never went near my craft room to be honest but after lots of talking some tablets and some time out time i was back a raring to go and i sat and created
This is my new christmas exploding treasured momento box i have designed and made a whole range of these which you will find on my facebook page
along with lots and lots of other boxes and cards , candles and canvases i have been making
i hope you find the time to take a look at my page i have been working hard trying to get my little venture of Kerrys card Kreations up and running hopefully it is slowly starting to pay off now although its not a chore and i love papercraft of all kinds
Happy Crafting

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Crikey where has the time gone

Well i haven't been here for a while i have been busy working and creating and doing craft fairs apart from the work bit all fun stuff i had a stall at a charity funday on bank holiday monday thankfully the weather held out and we had a fantastic day even the hubster enjoyed himself ( he is not really a sitting around kind of guy ) but even he said what a good day it was and i even managed to sell some of my creations which is wonderful and means i now have room to make some more ready for my next one i even made my own jubilee banner for my stall and me the silly fool forgot to take a picture 

i did take a photo of my hubster keeping an ever watchful eye over my stock lol

So seeing as its jubilee and all that i thought the card i would post today would be the jubilee card i made for a competition ( only a friendly one )

I didn't have any jubilee themed stock so apart from the odd bits and pieces this is made from all freebies from the internet.

Well i hope you all had a lovely long and relaxing weekend and as always
Happy Crafting :-D

Friday, 18 May 2012

Work is soooooo boring

Card making and paper crafting is my hobby my passion really something i started in 2006 when i gave up smoking, Or did i ? really i have been crafting for many more years when my daughter was younger we was always making cards for family birthdays or painting, drawing, making pictures  i spent most of her younger years covered in glitter and glue spending weeks watching the glitter wink at me on the living room carpet even all those years ago thinking back now we had a big craft box with lots of exciting goodies to craft with ! although the whole card making world really did take off for me in 2006 and quickly it became an escapism i could lose myself in my little crafting world i now have the luxury of my very own craft room and it's filled with lots of wonderful carfting goodies now a far cry from my craft box from all those years ago i think i am writing this blog today as it is my mums birthday the queen of crafting for me and from her i get my crafting passion i used to watch how she would sit for hours on end knitting crocheting making clothes etc i have now become my mum lost in my own crafting world how i wish she could of seen how much i learnt from her and how this passion of mine has evolved and  how proud am i when someone buys my cards and tells me how lovely they are So today i say thankyou MUM for inheriting your crafting passion and ability my true queen of craft

Happy crafting :-D

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My 3rd craft fair (im getting there now)

So on saturday after frantically crafting and making new things i did my third craft fair what a difference from my first i was still very nervous but more confident i always get a bit apprenhensive when i see other card stalls there that old demon that sits on my shoulder sometimes starts talking are my cards good enough are the other card makers cards better than mine are my cards to expensive etc etc setting out your stall is also highly important and i was moving things and re-arranging things for about 2 hours before i was fianlly almost happy having the shelves to display things made a big difference and i did very well i enjoy meeting people and sharing idea's i gain more and more confidence with each one and beleive more and more in what i do it's nice to see where i can improve my stall and what i do well i met some wonderful people on saturday and hopefully crafting friendships were formed next stop saturday 19th may
Happy crafting :-D

Friday, 11 May 2012

My shopping trip goodies

I had a shopping trip to Hobby craft and bought some goodies and have spent the week playing with my new purchases
so the top 3 cards are made with my new tatty teddies stamps i dont put myself in the class of a stamper i like it but im a bit hit and miss wether it comes out right or not fortunatley on this occasion i did and i used my water colour pencils to colour them in the backing papers are tatty teddy and the backing shapes are made with my nesties  
so after my tatty teddy i went on to make this wedding card using my embossing folders  to emboss the horseshoe's the backing papers are papermania and are very elegant i think they lent themselves well to the wedding theme paper flowers are from do crafts another addiction of mine at the moment it's been a busy week and have had a great time making new things for my craft fair today !
hope you all enjoy the sun and happy crafting :-D