Friday, 16 November 2012

Gone creating
Well again i have left it a while to update my blog i really must get myself together so much has been going on though i have been working hard to get my facebook page working better for me and at the same time have had lots of card orders to make and lots of shifts at work so its busy busy busy
When i started out on the craft fair journey we was invited to do a permenant fair at a venue by someone which accually fell through rather dramaticaaly after the first day of opening we were all let down rather badly but 3 of us rallied together and decided we would organise our own christmas craft event so after a lot of planning and hard work organising booking stalls advertising printing posters etc our first event will be held next saturday in our local town it's an exciting as well as nervous venture you work so hard to organise it now it's fingers crossed that it is a success i hope so it will also decide if we go ahead and organise future events
watch this space
Happy crafting :-D

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  1. Hmm looks you are back in action....can you guide me where i can get discount card printing?