Monday, 30 April 2012

A new style of crafting Scary !!

I have always liked the shabby chic look card but have always been a bit unsure where to start i never really considered it to be my kind of style for making cards but i love to try new things  or else you never learn anything new
 so when i saw the new debbi moore shabby chic cd's i just loved the papers and images and thought great now is the perfect time to have a go so i was disappointed and excited when my new cd's arrived on friday and i had to go to work and had to wait till sunday afternoon before i could have a play and here is the result my very first shabby chic card (pictured above) i must admit i'm a bit hooked now

My friends birthday is coming up shortly so guess what yes this is her shabby chic birthday card (pictured above)
the cd's are rammed packed with lovely things not just cards either so i will have many more happy hours of crafting

Happy crfating :-D

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