Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Well i cannot beleive i have left it this long again to update my blog cripps where do i start ? well my venture into the world of craft fairs and the whole crafting network has been great i have met and made some wonderful friends along the way learnt a massive amount from other more experienced people had a good time and made some money lol not all fairs have been a rouring success and i realise crafts are not the place at fun days still you live and learn and i will know for next year simon and I have travel most of somerset on the craft fair roller coaster now i think he has even enjoyed attending a few with me lol only just maybe i dont accually think he has sold anything yet though hehehehe
 so since i have not been on here i was diagnosed with depression and didnt do much at all i never went near my craft room to be honest but after lots of talking some tablets and some time out time i was back a raring to go and i sat and created
This is my new christmas exploding treasured momento box i have designed and made a whole range of these which you will find on my facebook page www.facebook.com/.../Kerrys-card-kreations/2111998322518
along with lots and lots of other boxes and cards , candles and canvases i have been making
i hope you find the time to take a look at my page i have been working hard trying to get my little venture of Kerrys card Kreations up and running hopefully it is slowly starting to pay off now although its not a chore and i love papercraft of all kinds
Happy Crafting

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