Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My 3rd craft fair (im getting there now)

So on saturday after frantically crafting and making new things i did my third craft fair what a difference from my first i was still very nervous but more confident i always get a bit apprenhensive when i see other card stalls there that old demon that sits on my shoulder sometimes starts talking are my cards good enough are the other card makers cards better than mine are my cards to expensive etc etc setting out your stall is also highly important and i was moving things and re-arranging things for about 2 hours before i was fianlly almost happy having the shelves to display things made a big difference and i did very well i enjoy meeting people and sharing idea's i gain more and more confidence with each one and beleive more and more in what i do it's nice to see where i can improve my stall and what i do well i met some wonderful people on saturday and hopefully crafting friendships were formed next stop saturday 19th may
Happy crafting :-D

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