Friday, 18 May 2012

Work is soooooo boring

Card making and paper crafting is my hobby my passion really something i started in 2006 when i gave up smoking, Or did i ? really i have been crafting for many more years when my daughter was younger we was always making cards for family birthdays or painting, drawing, making pictures  i spent most of her younger years covered in glitter and glue spending weeks watching the glitter wink at me on the living room carpet even all those years ago thinking back now we had a big craft box with lots of exciting goodies to craft with ! although the whole card making world really did take off for me in 2006 and quickly it became an escapism i could lose myself in my little crafting world i now have the luxury of my very own craft room and it's filled with lots of wonderful carfting goodies now a far cry from my craft box from all those years ago i think i am writing this blog today as it is my mums birthday the queen of crafting for me and from her i get my crafting passion i used to watch how she would sit for hours on end knitting crocheting making clothes etc i have now become my mum lost in my own crafting world how i wish she could of seen how much i learnt from her and how this passion of mine has evolved and  how proud am i when someone buys my cards and tells me how lovely they are So today i say thankyou MUM for inheriting your crafting passion and ability my true queen of craft

Happy crafting :-D

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